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  • Why Does South Africa Have Three Capital Cities?

    Located in the southwest corner of South Africa in the province of Western Cape, Cape Town is the second largest city in population. Bloemfontein is considered the judicial capital. It is home to the Supreme Court of Appeal, the second highest court in South Africa. The Constitutional Court (the highest court) is located in Johannesburg.

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  • South Africa Province Codes : Bullseye Locations

    Following is a list of Provinces in South Africa along with their abbreviations. The full name or abbreviation is accepted.

  • South Africa's provinces (GL)

    Cape Town, one of the world's favourite cities, a place so beautiful, one picture is enough to sell it to anyone. In this stunning city, the locals almost outshine the sights and their famous mountain, with a reputation to keep you smiling, chatting and dancing throughout your stay.

  • Detailed Map of South Africa, its Provinces and its Major ...

    Interactive map of South Africa, its provinces and its major cities. ... The map of Southern Africa and South Africa below illustrates the topography of the southern region of the African continent, extending west to east from 33 to 17 degrees longitude and north to south from 35 to 22 degrees latitude.

  • The Provinces of South Africa