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  • United Nuclear - Black Powder Manufacture

    There are some applications where very fine Black Powder ( Meal Powder ) will not work well. If you're going to use your Black Powder to launch shells out of a mortar, or for small cannons, it will have to be granulated first. Black Powder that is granulated and used for launching shells and salutes is called "Lifting Powder".

  • Powderpost Beetles | Entomology

    Fig. 1: Powderpost beetles produce small round holes accompanied by wood powder. The three most destructive groups of powderpost beetles are the lyctids, anobiids, and bostrichids. Each group contains several species capable of damaging wood materials.

  • Small Powder Rooms - Fine Homebuilding

    Powder rooms have only a sink and a toilet, but they afford an important measure of convenience to guests and residents alike and can also add value to a home. Learn more on how to make the most out of a small .