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    Knife laws are confusing; let us help. The US has some general knife laws but it only applies to importing from overseas, transportation between states, and federal properties like military bases. Anything outside of that is covered by state laws. Some cities have their own specific knife laws as well but Alabama has one of the most lenient knife laws of all 50 states. ...

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    Benchmade Automatic Knives. 4. Muay Thai kickboxing's influence on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). 5. Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Tennessee whisky review. 6. The first .357 Magnum. Smith & Wesson's Registered Magnums of 1935-39. 7. Police leather sap lead filled impact weapon. 8. Cyber crime gangs are emulating the organizational structure of the ...

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    The original and largest online knife and cutlery catalog where you can buy pocket knives and every pocketknife from Benchmade Knives and Spyderco Knives plus kitchen cutlery. We offer the best value on combat knives, shaving equipment, work knives and hundreds of knife brands. We have a money back guarantee and the best and fastest service on the web

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    We offer a wide variety of American made products. Knifemaking is among the great American traditions, and today's industry is stronger than ever. From KA-BAR to Leatherman, Buck to Benchmade, modern American companies are keeping the craft alive with quality products made right here in the USA. See American made specials.

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    Benchmade is an award-winning knife manufacturer that has been creating quality cutlery for all types of consumers for over two decades. When you use a Benchmade knife, you're using a one of a kind, professional-grade tool that is more than a match for any job. Bench Made sets itself apart from other knife companies with the "three M's": Materials, Mechanisms, and Manufacturing.

  • 112 Auto Elite Knife - Hunting Gear - Buck® Knives ...

    *Please note: Due to high demand, this product may have a lead-time of up to 5 weeks. To complete the classic Auto families of the 110s and 112s, the up¬graded 112 Auto Elite features a G10 handle with brushed nickel silver bolsters and a clip point blade.

  • A History Lesson in Knife Brand Logos - The Knife Blog

    A History Lesson in Knife Brand Logos Lately I've been thinking a lot about different brand logos and wondering where they originated from. I did quite a bit of research on a few logos, so I figured I'd share the info I learned with you in a post.

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    BUDK has the largest selection of knives & swords online! If you're searching for butterfly knives, shurikens, throwing knives, ninja stars, tactical knives and more, you'll find it at BUDK.

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    Your trusted source of quality blades since the 1980's. Browse Leatherman Knives today and find out which one is right for you. Official online store. Leatherman

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    It is your responsibility to be aware of the following regarding Automatic Knives, Stiletto Knives, Italian Stiletto Switchblades, Butterfly knives a.k.a Balisong in particular and/or all other types of knives as well: It is your (not our) responsibility to verify and know the laws specific to the state you live in.